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Let's get this straight.


I never wanted to be a Carol.


My full name is Caroline Michelle Watson and I was born in Rockdale County Georgia (my boyfriend likes to say this in a deep, southern accent and it actually makes me laugh a lot louder than it should)






































After high school I worked at a hair salon. For some reason, the ladies that worked there just loved to call me Carol.


"CAROL! Bring me a coloring bowl."

"CAROL! We need you to take out this perm."

"CAROL! Get me a vodka soda." (Jk, that didn't happen)

































Then again, in New York City in 2012, CAROL resurfaced at a party on the South Street Seaport. This time though, I embraced it and it ended up sticking as my dual personality was defined as Carly (the crazy one) vs. Carol (the sweet one).


Later, after realizing 'Oh My God' was sort of my thing, I turned into Oh My God Carol. 









So that is me! Carol all the way. Doing things that make me say 'Oh My God', living in Amsterdam and just experiencing life.


I come from a humble background in (queue the accent) Rockdale County Georgia. I moved to Maryland when I was 16 and never looked back.












After graduating High School, I moved to New York City. My plan? Live there for a year. Then *BAM* - 9 years later I'm living in a one bedroom in the heart of Park Slope. That's how it always happens, amIright?


Then I moved to Sweden.


Then back to Maryland.


And now here I am, in Amsterdam. Quit my job, currently a stay at home girl friend, and just basically trying to live my best life with my "Domestic Partner" by my side (no joke, we are married here).

Enjoy this blog of random ramblings. If you think I suck, that's cool too!




Caroline Michelle Watson. Born July 4, 1983.


This is the exact moment in 2012 when Carol was reborn.

Oh My God a graffiti wall!

Me in Rome in April of 2018. 

This is me in my very humble beginning. Before I knew I was going to live in NYC for 9 years and ultimately live in Europe.

Who is Carol?

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